Older commercial work

Some examples from my former life as a commercial illustrator. Examples dating from the 1960s, 70s 80s and 90s. More will follow as and when.


The 40th anniversary special edition of the  album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, ‘streets’ (to use American parlance) on March 24th. It is actually a little older than 40 having been originally released in October 1973. I was 26 when I made the illustrations for the three outer panels. There are currently two pieces on the official Elton John website on the making of the cover.



I also recorded a short radio interview on aspects the cover for Absolute Radio in London which was broadcast on the 23rd March.



GBYR High Res complete

Found just recently after a clear up in a plans chest my original working tracing for Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road from 1973. It was safely preserved by my late Brother in law the film maker and collector par excellence Jonathan Gili who must have sneaked it off me at the time at my 6 Garrick Street Studio and bless him for it

Exterior 6 Garrick St 1973

This is where the cover was drawn Number 6 Garrick Street WC2 in Covent Garden photographed in 1972.  My desk was by the pillar in the window. I shared the space with album cover designer John Kosh illustrator Richard Rockwood our then agent Wendy Booth and later with artist Glynn Boyd Harte. Here seen drawing a portrait of Brian Eno circa 1975.

Glynn drawing Brian Eno Garrick St 1974 copy




Front cover painting made for the Harvey Andrews album Friends of Mine. This dates from 1972 and betrays the influence of the Caspar David Friedrich exhibition at the Tate Gallery which was on around that time. Cover was painted in acrylics on a wood panel allowing the wood colour and grain to stand in for the flesh colour as in the James Taylor poster which I painted in the same year shown below.


James Taylor 1 copy

macbeth programme ext 1First piece of printed and published work, my lino-cut for the programme cover of the school production of Macbeth 1962 I was 13, and played Lady Macbeth.

Beck 3

Drawing of The Albert Hall as a birthday cake Radio Times 1970

ALH1My old letter heading from 1970

Beck 8

My then Agent’s card from 1971 showing roster of talent represented

Calendar 1

A hair 1

Calendar illustrations for Sutton Cooper 1980s



A BB 1

Three images from An Edwardian Beauty Book published by Marshall Cavendish in my herbalist phase late 70s to early 80s


Cover for Cook’s Progress by Simone Seckers Compton Press 1978

Harlequin card 1

Christmas Card designs for Habitat 1980s. Below is scanned from the original drawing


HC 3 HC1 HC2

Harlequin card 3

Christmas card design for Habitat 1980s

harlequin card 4

Christmas Illustration for Trickett and Webb 1980s

A TW 1

Calendar Page for Trickett and Webb 1990s the closing of the Harlequin phase….almost.

Beck 7

Cover for Designer Magazine 1985

music mag

Cover for Classical Music magazine 1985

19 Fashion 1 19 fashion pic 2

Fashion pages for 19 Magazine 1980s

p cutters1

Pastry Cutter labels for Ian Logan Designs 1980s


pastry cutters POS

Point of sale for Pastry Cutters

pastry cutters PS_905 (1)

Pastry Cutters and tins

Penguin 1 copy

Cover illustration for Nice Work by David Lodge

Cream Cover 1972

Cover illustration for Cream Magazine 1972

A List 1

Cover for The Listener BBC publications 1984

RT 3

Editorial drawings for The Sunday Telegraph 1990s

RT 6

Horoscope drawing for Good Housekeeping magazine

RT 7

Horoscope drawing fopr Good Housekeeping magazine 1990s

RT 10

Christmas Note Pad for Conran Designs 1980s

calendar 1x

Calendar page for Trickett & Webb 1990s

focus 2

Focus Live at the Rainbow outer panel of gate-fold sleeve 1973 / type by Richard Rockwood

focus 3 focus 4

From The Guitar Album Polydor records 1972


A poor lo res image of the actual cover of The Guitar Album my own copy lost these many years

kelly 2

Front cover for Jonathan Kelly’s album Wait Until They Change the Backdrop 1972