The Limelight Pictures

Here is a selection of the prints that will be showing in my exhibition at the Nightingale Project. Each is printed on high quality watercolour paper by the Giclee process. Each print is in a limited and numbered edition of no more that 75 copies, all will be signed by the artist, titled and numbered. A percentage of the proceeds from sales will go directly to the Nightingale Project charity. Prints can be ordered from today February 27th 2013. Prices are in the region of £225 00.

Either via Dr Nick Rhodes or Stephen Barnham at  the Nightingale Project /

Or through me


Ian _ 1 Ian _ 2 Ian _ 3 Ian _ 4 Ian _ 5 Ian _ 6 Ian _ 7 Ian _ 8 Ian _ 9 Ian _ 17 Ian _ 18 (2) Ian_CC1 Ian_CC2 Ian_CC3 Ian_CC4 Ian_CC6 Ian_CC7